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Bay Hill - Floor Plan
Bay Hill - Front & Left Elevations
Bay Hill - Rear & Right Elevations
Bay Hill Project
Fortin - Conceptual
Fortin - First Floor
Fortin - Second Floor
Fortin - Front Elevation
Fortin - Left Elevation
Fortin - Right Elevation
Fortin - Rear Elevation
Fortin Residence
Mcleod Residence
Mcleod Residence- Floor plans
Mcleod residence- Front elevation
Deshpande - Ferncreek
Ferncreek-2031-Floor Plan
Ferncreek-2031-Front Elev.
Ferncreek-2660-Floor Plan
Ferncreek-2660-Front Elev.
Guerrette-Floor Plan
Guerrette-Front&Rear Elevations
Guerrette-Side Elevations
Guerrette Residence
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